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8700M GT 512MB (Toshiba X205-series) and new NV driver don't work


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I have owned an X205-S9800 (8700M GT 512MB) for quite a while, and I have noticed any Nvidia driver past 176.05 cause graphical corruption, random interface pausing, BSODs... and in one rare occasion, screwing up my Windows account profiles (has done this to my Win7 install).

The 176.05's are from June 2008, these are actually the Vista x64 drivers running on my Win7 x64 install. These are the ONLY ones that work w/o issues that the newer drivers experience. Anyone with the same laptop and/or mobile video card have experience with this? Any recommended driver versions that worked for you? It sucks not being able to update drivers... and sucks even more when Toshiba and NV aren't helping either. :)

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Yap driverhunting is goddamn ######... I have an alienware with 8700M GT and im looking for smth new cause Metro 2033 requires better drivers. But apart for that game everything works perfectly with 186.82 in W7 64-bit. Hope this helps u.

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