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8-Core Beckton gets put into a laptop


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Necroman just pointed out this behemoth of a Notebook at CES.

Imagine 8 cores running in a notebook :) I could squish a whole release of drivers in one go.

It will ofcourse be completely useless as a laptop as I doubt it will fully boot before the batteries are flat :)

It's as ugly as sin, and I doubt it will ever be sold in any kind of volume, but may open the door for future Xeon based Notebooks.

But still, this with a SLi Quadro 3800M and you can have a supercomputer that you can carry around.

The full post can be found at SemiAccurate


Some more info to enlighten us:

This beast is housed in a Clevo D900F Chassis.



Beckton is a Nehalem-based processor with eight cores and uses buffering inside the chipset to support up to 16 standard DDR3 DIMMS per CPU socket without requiring the use of FB-DIMMS.[20] It has four (or more?) QuickPath interfaces, so it can be used in at least quad-socket configurations. Designed by the Digital Enterprise Group (DEG) Santa Clara and Hudson Design Teams, Beckton will be manufactured on the P1266 (45 nm) technology. It is expected to be launched in Q1 2010.[21] Beckton is also referred to as Nehalem-EX (EXpandable server market).

Below is what the Ace webiste has as a news report.

I take this will be the first release of their XEON based notebooks, and the Beckton will follow at a later date.

Wee bit disappointing that the top end GPU is a Geforce GTX 280M a Quadro 3700M and soon the 3800M would be the better choice.


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Yip looks to be a D900F Chassis.

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Don't you be calling Clevo's D90XX series laptops ugly.

Unless Beckton is < 100 watt thermal envelope Clevo won't support SLI on it.

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The D900F doesn't take SLi ?

No Option for it in current setup with Sager.

And all the D900's I thought were ugly, probably practical but still ugly.

The Desktop I7's use 130w vs the Notebooks 55w

So the Beckton should be up there with 130w even going to smaller die

300w AC Adaptor here we come.

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If you think these are ugly you've never seen one up close.

My D901C is very sleek, although kinda minimalistic.

I believe the D90xF still uses a 220 watt PSU like the D90xC.

They really only needed to add about 40 or 50 more watts for SLI (2nd GPU plus extra cooling)

Some of the D90XXs have weird colors though. Those ones might be ugly.

If I ever dust mine off again I could get some full HD video of it.

Then you could imagine that its a D90xF, since they look almost exactly the same.

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