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Hello i have my acer aspire 7730G laptop and since i bought it i have had some fps drops.

I made a topic a while ago but that didnt help me out but now i have installed win7 and downloaded the latest drivers from nvidia and on the same time i got laptopvideo2go in my mind,

i installed the drivers and started to play some. Always before on vista i had a hugh drop in the start of the game but not anymore, but i stil have the drops when i play,

so my quastion is if someone know or could give me some advice for what drivers i could try from laptop2go.

It feels like i have solved something and made things abit better but there is more stuff to do to get it perfect.

I tryed Disable PowerMizer but in my register i dont find what i should change. is that becorse of win7 or should i use the PowerMizer switch to turn it off and would that work?

Any tips are welcomme i will also try to clean up the fan.

Il try to install 195.81 and my card is in the list so i dont need the inf file if i got everything right.


Vista ultimate x64

4gb ram

core2duo T6400 @ 2ghz

Nvidia 9600m GT CUDA 1024


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Cleaned my fans and tryed the new driver from here and disable powermimizer.

Stil lagg when i play, fps drops like hell :/

anyone have some idees?

this is really annoying,

please help me out

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