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Blue screen - Nvidea 9500m GS


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* Laptop Make/Model - Asus G1Sn

* Graphics Card -- Device ID (DEV_ID) if known - Nvidea 9500M GS 512 GDDR2 - PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0405&SUBSYS_15D21043&REV_A1

* Current working Driver Version - v195.81 for Windows 7/Vista 64bit

* Last Useable Driver Version - A Old one before i changed OS. it was a Vista 32bit driver

* Operating System - Windows 7 64bit

* An accurate description of the issue at hand - My computer constantly Blue screens when I'm playing Guild Wars. Strangely enough it only happens on that game, i'm not a very demanding gamer and the rest of the games probably just don't demand enough from the GPU for it to crash though I've run CoD MW2 with out any problems. I know it is because of the GPU because when it is dumping memory it say it was nvlddmkm.sys, and it always says it was a Video Hardware Error

* attached NERD log - Doesn't work on win 7

Thank you for any help you might give me.

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