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My dv9000(Gr4ce 7600) dies, got a new desktop

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Hey guys, herez my story.

a week back, my good old dv9000t (1.82 C2D, 7600 Go) Died, I had artifacts all over the screen.. OG HP Mobo costed me 400$ and a local chinese made MoBo was costing 150$, so I settled to sell it to a noob who wanted a decent laptop for home use(poor chap did not know about the GPU artifacts n all). Installed Win XP w/o nvidia drivers and the guy was happy as a kid with his new toy.

Sold it for 17000 INR (approx USD380) and got the following spec in India for INR 35000 (USD 750)

1. ASUS Motherboard with D41 chipset

2. Intel Quad Core Q8400 2.66 Ghz . Over clocked it to 3.11 GHz

3. Zotac nVidia 9600 GT 1 GB DDR3 Mem 675/925/1650 MHz

4. Creative XFi Go! (Purchased it for my laptop, but so sad hehe)

5. LG 20 inch LCD

6. Logitech Keyboard and MX518 Gaming Mouse

7. Zebronic nVidia Baby Stacker Cabinet

so guys wish me a happy gaming with my new gaming PC :)

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