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Dell DCP SystemManager 1.4


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A big thanks to veritas72 for spotting these over at Dell.

Also I forgot to lack of kudos for spotting Forceware 188.40 the other day :)

Not sure if it is of interest to post here, but the Dell Control Point system manager now works correctly with win7 to save additional battery and correctly modify the aero and other settings.

DCP SystemManager 1.4

Fixes and Enhancements

1. Adds support for new Dell systems

2. Adds Dell Enhanced Power Plans feature for Vista/Win7

3. Resolves localization issues found in previous releases.

4. Resolves S3 issue when extended battery life is enabled


Latitude E4200

Latitude E4300

Latitude E5400

Latitude E5500

Latitude E6400

Latitude E6400 ATG

Latitude E6400 XFR

Latitude E6500

Latitude XT2

Latitude XT2_XFR

Latitude Z600

Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M2400

Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M4400

Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M6400

Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M6500

Dell Precision WorkStation T3500

Dell Precision WorkStation T5500

Dell Precision WorkStation T7500

Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit

Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit

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