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Dell Inspiron E1705 & 7900 GTX

Guest Shodan Incarnate

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Guest Shodan Incarnate

* Dell Inspiron e1705

* GeForce Go 7900 GTX

* Forceware 175.32

  • Total Graphics Memory : 512
  • Shared Video Memory : 0 MB
  • Video Bios Version
  • Directx 9.0c

* Current Version

* Win XP Media Center (XP SP3)

Ok, those are the basics of my system information. For those not familiar with my laptop model, its a few years old, back when core duos were new. This laptop for example, has just a Core Duo.. not a Core 2 Duo...not to sure of the difference, but hey, just to give you a time frame.

The video card itself is actually not meant to be in this particular laptop, it was designed for the 17in Dell XPS laptop of the same generation. I found out they use essentially the same hardware, just some minor differences hardware, and obviously look different on the outside. Anyway, the mainboards for the two laptops use the same connection system, so the graphics cards are compatable. Just some minor DIY-ness and you can swap out whatever GPU the e1705 has for the 7900 gtx. This is where my problem lies.

It runs fine up to the latest 175.32 that nvidia released, but since its a laptop, and dell isnt too keen on keeping its drivers up to date, it took a bit of poking around on the NVIDIA site to find this version. My question is, is there a third party graphics drivers out there, such as from laptopvideo2go, that works at an essentially higher version, such as into the 18x or 19x series? The reason why I ask is because there are some current games that should work, but dont, and when they list how to fix their graphical glitches, they recommend higher driver versions then the 175.32, which, anything after that, will not install for my graphics card, either because the Go 7900 GTX is the only one not in the long list of cards supported by that driver release, or because of the hardware difference.

Short version of my question: Is there a graphics driver package ABOVE 175.32 that will work with a Go 7900 GTX laptop card? Thank you.

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Hey there.

My 7900GTX uses Dox driver 185.85, but there is not any XP support for this, therefore my advice would be to use 185.68 by dox and see how that works out for you.

Core 2 duo is the generation after core duo, and you can upgrade your laptop to a T7600 (2.33 ghz core 2 duo) if you ever desired.

Hope this helps

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I have also modded my E1705 to use the Go 7900 GTX, just as you have

I have found that Dox's 195.62 is the best so far in my oh so long searches for good drivers for this card (Im using Win 7 x64 though) This driver also allows overclock after you flash the BIOS if you wanna go that direction

as for the CPU, I have a Core 2 duo T7200 (2.00 ghz) in my lappy and it has been plenty (so far)


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