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laptop overheats during playing games

Guest bert

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recently i've noticed my laptop started to overheat during playing games with high-end graphic demands. i've checked temperature using rivatuner and its 90 degrees of celsius(on graphic card), and games are not smooth like before. yesterday i've cleaned interior of ma laptop, after test temp is 87 degrees only...

what should i do??

maybe fan change could help?

what temp You have got ??

my laptop: windows xp


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Exactly the same thing happens to me.I have a vaio fz31m,core 2 duo t7250,2 gig ram,vista and nvidia 8400m gt,all the latest drivers.While playing,temperature goes somewhere between 86 and 93 degrees,at idle 63-66.In 'power settings' or battery settings to other makes,i choose 'balanced' or 'optimized' power.If i choose 'high performance' game crashes and temperature is 96-98 degrees.I think the upper limit is 105 degrees for my nvidia card.The only thing i can do to reduce the temperature with about 10 degrees is to cut down on game graphic settings like textures and shader and i also use a laptop cooler but this one only cuts about 3-4 degrees.I've tried to replace the fan but no success.A bigger fan would not fit and one with bigger rpm needs different voltage so i have to do with what i can.When i upgraded the driver, i went from 167.60 to 187.66.The difference was so obvious that the Windows Experience Index score improved.

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