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XPS m1730 8700M GT SLI flickering

Guest Robert

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I have the following problem:

My screen is flickering when I play a game. It alternates between normal, and the same screen but with a greenish tint.

A few games where i experienced this phenomenon: C&C 3 Tiberium wars, Bioshock 2, Doom 3 & Doom3 RoE.

The drivers I tried were the following: 196.21, 195.50, 186.24(current drivers I use after reinstalling windows, got these from dell), 188.40 and some more I don't remember.

My current OS is: Windows 7 utimate 64-bit. (I reinstalled this twice past 24 hours)

My current GPU BIOS is: 60.84.6A.00.0B


Dell XPS M1730

CPU IntelĀ® Core2 Duo CPU T7500 @ 2.20GHz

Mem 2 GB DDR2

GPU Nvidia GeForce 8700m GT SLI

PhysX AGEIA PhysX 100 Series PCI Express Card

I use nHancer, and when I select split screen rendering (instead of alternate frame rendering), the flickering stops and the bottom half of the screen gets the greenish tint. GPU core temperature is 70 degrees centigrade, and GPU-Z suggest that both cards are allright.

Thank you in advance,


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Dear Saussissonsek,

Thank you for your reply, unfortunately it was off, and when I tried to flick it on it said that my laptops panel didn't support it.

After trying some more stuff I discovered some interesting things. Once I pull the powerplug out of the laptop, everything turns to normal.

Furthermore it only does the strange flickering on fullscreen, in windowed mode it works fine, even with normal clockspeed.

When I pull the powerplug it dramatically underclocks, eventhough I have powermizer disabled. When I underclock by hand, with rivatuner,

the problem continues. Finally I installed vista, and the original drivers which came with the laptop, and still no luck.

The current driver I am now using is 195.62.



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I tried some drivers where 3dvision worked, and I noticed that when I enable stereoscopic vision, the problem does go away.

Only when I then disable stereoscopic vision, it returns.



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