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HELP ! Sony Customised INF for XP


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Hi. I am hoping someone can help please.

I have a SONY VPC L11M1E/S all in one pc with a Nvidia G210m Graphics chipset. I need to run Windows XP on this box, all drivers are working fine except the video drivers.

I have tried customising the Inf in the generic nvidia drivers with it's ID -VEN_10DE&DEV_0A74&SUBSYS_9060104D&REV_A2

But when the computer reboots, the screen goes blank then reboots after 4 minuites.

i have read on other Linux forums that it is to do with the EDID, so i have manually overiden it via a registry key which made no difference.

I Have also tried an asortment of drivers from different vendors...

Sony dont have any xp drivers for this model.

I dont need any fancy Driver features for gaming, just to write emails/browse internet.

Many Thanks


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Best off trying virtualization.

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