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mouse frozen ???


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I have just installed (Wednesday 24 Feb) Windows 7 Ulimate

Now the mouse has frozen in the middle of the screen, I cant make it move at all

I have to use the power button to shut it down, but its not happy my shutting it like that, but even when I do shut down, the mouse still dont move

It was working fine with XP and Vista, then I upgraded to Windows 7 premium (trial version)

So I got Windows 7 Ultimate, installed it, no problem, got all updates (I think)

I havent even installed any programs yet, apart from Office 2007

My laptop is a DELL inspiron 1720 dual core 2gb ram and HD 320gb


Now I have got as far as this and I have this.......PS/2 compatible mouse

In the driver menu, I have

Driver provider 'Microsoft'

Driver version 6.7.76000.16385

'the driver is upto date 21/06/2006'

I tried updating the driver, it said I had the driver is up to date

In properties It says the device is working properly, but I still cant move it, using external mouse or the one on the touch pad

Everything worked fine until Windows 7 Ultimate was installed, very annoying

I have downloaded various pointers from DELL, but still nothing, it may stutter and decide to move, but its usually just stuck in the middle of the screen, not moving

Anyone know where I go now ?

An update


Some fool at MS told me to upload the drivers for a Toshiba touch pad, as it was supposed to be a genaric one for all touch pads, needless to say it didnt work, it crashed the whole system and I had to do a complete reinstall

I thought these people at MS knew about OS's they are supposed to have designed the darn things, why dont they have an expert in XP, Vista, Windows 7 (and all its variations, instead of the bloody fools they do have)

But still no improvement with the mouse or pointer (whatever you want to call it)

With 104 views, surely someone has some idea ?

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