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...or lack thereof, as the case may be.

Okay - I've had my shpancky new Toshiba Qosmio laptop for a couple months now, and it rawks.

Unfortunately, driver support for said little beastie sucks. BIG time. Toshiba only has the release drivers that shipped with it (188.29s), and nVidia apparently denies the existence of my GPU outright! And try though I might, I cannot, CANNOT get any drivers, modded or vanilla, tweaked .infs or not, to install...AT ALL. Whether through normal (setup.exe) install or forcing via Device Manager, I cannot even TRY drivers other than the shipping drivers I've got - every install either fails or is denied outright (by Windows).

I'm hoping to use this thread partly as a bitching forum, but mainly (hopefully) as a place where we, the outcast and early adopters, might perhaps help one another with links or info to keep our hot li'l rigs up to date, after a fashion.

You can see my specs in my sig, but I'm including a GPU-Z shot and the .inf that came with my shipping drivers - if anyone has any bright ideas (or just wants to vent), please feel free to hop on.

(Moderators: if you feel this thread is misplaced, or if someone else has done this already(!), please move it or edit it or whatever you feel is right; if you want to firebomb me or something...good luck!) :)




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Yep, 188.29 is what the drivers search says is the latest driver for your card...whats wrong are you having problems with this driver?

Is it just the fact that its 18x and not 19x the problem?

188.29 is pretty new, only three months old

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And...knowing that we've had *roughly* six sets of drivers come out since the 188.29s, you think that they are NOT that outdated?


Well, I'm here to state that I've got parsing issues (including graphical anomalies and unexplainable slowdowns) with: Mass Effect 2; and Supreme Commander 2.

Considering that all my chipset drivers are official and up-to-date, and Windows itself is up-to-date, and the entire install is recently virus-scanned and defragged, I can only assume that the (video) drivers are the source of the problem. Therefore, my desire to have some that are a bit more current.


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If you really wish to try out new drivers, I recommend Dox's 195.62 drivers

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Mate, I would LOVE to try his modded driver set, but they will not install, which was kinda the point of this thread for me.

I have attempted to install many, many modded driver sets/modded .inf's from my series (188.29) up to and including the 196.86s, all to no avail - none, save the 188.29s that shipped in my laptop, will install at all: not through normal installation, nor through forcing them via Device Manager...and now that I'm having strange graphical issues and such with more recent games, it's starting to become more than an aesthetic problem for me.

(And before anyone asks: I ascribe to the "just nuke it from orbit to be safe" method of multiple driver installs - I will once, and only once, use a Driver Sweeper or Driver Cleaner in-between attempts, any more than that and I do a full reformat/clean Windows install, so I am ASSURED there is no chance of file/driver bleed-over.)

Anyway, I just want to enjoy the gaming laptop that I've invested so much time and money into...*sigh*

Help?! :)

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...and I *definitely* cannot play Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - the GUI artifacting/corruption makes it unplayable.

To be clear: the game itself (3d) renders smoothly and well, but the overlay/UI (reticule/ammo/health/mini-map, etc.) is corrupted and "smeared" all over the screen.

Now I know the game is being pilloried for its release bugs, but I have found nothing describing my specific problem (to the contrary, the problems described in the tech-support forums have been mostly 3d artifacting issues), so, again, I can only assume that my problem lies with my older drivers.

Anybody else out there have a Toshiba (or ANY brand) with an nVidia GTS 360m? Help? :)

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