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Screen blinks after official driver update


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I'm using an Acer notebook and for two years I used the drivers that came with the purchase. I had a crashing problem with Fallout3 and StarcraftII. When I googled the error message (nvlddmkm), I found that I should install forceware drivers.

But since i'm a newbie about drivers, I just went to the official website and clicked on auto-scan&update button. Now my driver version is 195.62. And the screen started to blink seldomly. I guess it happens when the system heats up.

I googled and learned that there are other people out there having same problem with different driver versions. Someone suggested this web site. I downloaded the driver version 196.21 and its modified inf file from this website. But I failed to install it. When I go from control panel it says "you are alredy using latest" and if i clicked on setup.exe manually it says "couldnt change system". Can it be because my OS is French? Do drivers need to be language specific?

I tried to roll back to my original driver but apperently the instalition deleted the old files so it just gave me VGA. So I reinstalled 195.62

What can you suggest me? I can use AcerRecovery to return my old driver, i guess. But i dont want the "nvlddmkm" problem to be back.

By the way, I'm aware that driver 197 have heat issues but i never installed that.

Help me LaptopVideo2Go, you are my only hope.

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Okey... After a few hours of gameplay, my screen got weirder and I got scared :] So now I'm using my original driver which is 156.72

What is forceware drivers? Are there language specific? Where can I find the latest version for Nvidia?

(I'm reading the FAQ right now)

(Allright... I succesfully installed driver 182.50 FR with modded inf and somehow depth of my desktop picture changed. Anyway, now I'm gonna play StarcraftII to see if it blinks. Thx everyone who runs this website)

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