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Guest z4yd4


I've had an Acer Aspire 7720 with Vista ultimate, 2GB RAM, 500 GB HDD and GF 8400M GS 256MB which died few months ago. I've bought a 9650M GT 1GB instead. Everything was totally OK, be4 the change i've had 45 FPS on HL2 LOST COAST (1440x900 and max details), after it was about 125 FPS. As i said everything was ok, but then i've installed new drivers and troubles started :)

I've got dots all over the screen, vista logon, icq, counter strike ..all the time it looks like death pixels but it's "moving". Tryied more than 10 different drivers, original and yours but nothing changed. I've read lot of different "sollutions", low voltage 0,89 instead of 0,9 , low frekvency 169 inestad of 170, completly reinstalled vista,drivers, new bios...and... still nothing!

I've read guys on ASUS had also issues with 9650M GT but asus put a new bios on their sites and it solved the problem. I will never get a new bios to solve it because it's not the original graphic card :)

Could anyone tryied to figure out where's the problem?



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