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Fujitsu L1010 9300m GS Problem


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I have a problem in Fujitsu L1010 that come with 9300m GS 256 MB as you see the attachments that i have upload there is some thing wrong with 3D object in the picture are from Google Earth display 3D Building but it display as in picture that I attach. It happen in every game too and in every 3D object I try to use many version of driver but still the same I don't know it a Driver problem or hardware maybe I miss some setting? and it happen in randomly some game I can pass Alt + Tab to go to Desktop and back to the game and the problem gone for a shot time and happen again

I have use

186.42 (From Windows update)

175.97 (From Fujitsu L1010 64bit website)

and right now I using 185.85 Dox's Customized Forceware

I still have a problem

I using Windows 7 64bit

any suggestion?

Thank for your Help and sorry for my bad English.



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