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Hi, today I reinstalled Vista (32-Bit Home Premium) and basically, I just want to get everything right when I reinstall everything. I'd really appreciate any info AT ALL regarding the DEV and SUBSYS stuff, I have no idea. I have an 8600M GT, with DEV_0407&SUBSYS_01211025 (I think) and am just confused about what this means... Questions:

Does it matter if I choose the wrong Subsys code for my laptop but the right DEV number?

If this is the case, I'm guessing that every file (nvac.inf etc) in the supported GPUs section (where you download a driver) must support this DEV and SUBSYS?

I've looked in this Forum, searched in this Forum, typed stuff in Google etc. Replies or any links AT ALL would be most welcome, thankyou in advance,


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Yes both need to match

Have you tried searching for your driver on the front page?


Yeh I've tried this. If all has to match, i.e. DEV, SUBSYS, then my latest driver should be the 188.86 - but it has no modded .inf :S So 187.66 I think. Thanks for your help ricktendo

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