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Toshiba L550-11J mainboard replacement and HD4650


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my old mainboard of toshiba L550-11J *PSLN8E has the graphic card Mobility HD4650.

I have no garanty because of changing hard-drive.

So I've done an error-analysis by toshiba and it said that mainboard is defective. Graphic card OK! They wanted me 480 € to pay to get it repaired.

The mainboard is:

Mobile Intel GM45 Chipset!

I bouht a mainboard on ebay from the same model L550, but PSL00P.

Its the Mobile Intel GM45 Chipset with Intel 4500M Graphic.

Its the same notebook and the mainboard fits in, the same dimensions of HDMI, Lan, USB - Outputs. The screws are exactly on the same positions because of the same plastic cover of toshiba.

Well I didn't get it yet, but I've got a question about the graphic card, I talked with toshiba but the hotline is not competent to answer that.

The new mainboard had also the same MXM-port. Well, does it work then?

I saw in my old mainboard with the Everest-Home Edition hardware-software that it had the same 4500M Graphic onboard but it was deactivated. I think that in new mainboard it is activated and I will not be able to activate the mxm-slot or does it work automatically?


raplacement of Mobile Intel GM45 Chipset (Toshiba L550 PSLN8E; Graphic: ATI HD4650) with

Mobile Intel GM45 Chipset (Toshiba L550 PSL00P Graphic: Intel 4500M


Does ATI HD4650 work with the new mainboard?

thanks for help :)

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