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Flight Simulator 2004 Flicker

Guest Dan

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My computer is a Vaio NR21 with a Intel core 2 duo and a Geforce 8400M GT using (currently) Forceware 195.15, all running on a Windows 7 ultimate setup.

The game doesn't crash and nothing else on my computer behaves noticeably odd. WHat pisses me off the most is that I actually bought an aircraft for it for once and now I can't fly it because of suspected driver issues.

I think that ever since the 190 series of drivers FS2004 hasn't been working for me. Whenever I start the game the menu flickers like a strobe light and it's impossible to click any buttons. The flickering actually increases when turning off Aero.

I've tried fruitlessly to run it in Admin mode, compatibility mode; compatibility mode AND admin mode and reinstalling drivers and game. It all gives me the same flickering results. Most often enough I can click the quit button and it will respond, other times it won't. Please please please please help me, I implore you.


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Problem found. the "Render to texture" option seems to be broken with these drivers, simply turning this feature off fixes it. There is, curiously, no flickering with this feature on when the game is windowed. Should I contact someone at nVidia with my discovery in hopes of a driver update that fixes it?

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