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Uniwill P53IN just beeps and reboots


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Got hold of this motherboard/cpu/gfx card to go into my m3438g with an hd3650.

It was running great after i reflashed the bios with AW 2.06w, then i flashed it with AW 2.07W to get 4G/hd3650 option.

Then i got 4 bit colour mode with the x1400 [hd3650 would not post at point] so i rolled back to AW 2.06...Fine.

I noticed i was getting odd artifacts in IE8 occasionaly so went on the search for a mobile catalyst download for Windows 7 [the following doesn't happen when the card is used in the m3438g motherboard setup so i rulled out gfx card] .

I gave up for the night and next day booted up the lappy to get 1 beep and reboot forever syndrome, damn!

I have reflashed it with crisis recovery method with just about every pheonix bios out there with no change.

What is odd is that the key combo to get crisis recover mode is CTRL-HOME [an AMI bios trigger] not the Phoenix combo of FN/WIN - B/F.

Its as if it has become schizophrenic overnight >< could it realy be an ami bios?

Does anyone know of a way to add a config to the crisis disk, ie for phlash16.exe as i'd like to try zero'ing the blocks and clearing the cmos.

That all being said if anyone knows of the cause other than the bios then please help, id rather try and fix it than give up just yet.

Youtube Clip of an Alienware 5550 doing the exact same thing


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Could the 1 beep and reboot be down to AS5 getting on the smd components on the gpu/cpu dies? I read elsewhere on here that some people have problems if they dont mask off the area with heatproof tape when using a copper shim instead of heatpads?

This 1 beep/reboot issue seems pretty common but noone seems to be offering a solution or a cause :)

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NVM redid as5 and put tape mask on, made no difference. was wondering if ACPI is the root of problem because one of the last things i did before the laptop died was install NHC. Is it possible the ACPI structure in the bios is corrupt and not being overwrote when flashing the bios?

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Stuck the old m3438g mobo back in the chassis and booted up the x1400. This time it will not let the catalyst driver install and looking in gpuz it shows an unknown type/model etc. I tried flashing with atiflash but it just gives "adaptor not found!" Would the PI1536 mobo fail to post if the gfx is not inserted or gives a bad reply when interrogated? i assumed it would just boot into windows with a black screen with the former. I have a vbios for the x1400, it works perfectly fine with the windows standard display driver in Win7, it just seems to have lost its identity.

Would using flashrom instead help and what command line parameters should i use?


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