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Lots of folk lately having issues with using the modded INF.

The modded INF is a separate download for 2 main reasons:

1) Any updates to the INF means only uploading (for me) or Downloading (for you) the modded INF and not the entire driver (again)

I can make many updates to test a feature or fix a bug.

2) NVIDIA get a little anti at some sites with modded INFs included in the package (ie modified driver package)

We keep the driver as we find them, except for the compression techniques we use to squash them to near critical mass.

By having the modded INF separate we give you the option to either download/use the original driver or apply the modded INF.

Now the modded INF will require you to download the driver then download the modded INF.

Probably the most easy route is to download the driver extract it somewhere.

Now right click and "Save as" the modded INF into the directory where you extracted the driver.

You MUST overwrite the original INF, this is vital to avoid the "The driver selected does not support this version of windows" error.

There could be a small chance there is a booboo in the INF that may stop the driver from installing (but very unlikely)

Hopefully this fixes some of the issues the new to the 'modded INF' are experiencing.

Enjoy the world of updated drivers :)

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