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Dell Vostro 1320 HD Audio Driver


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I have a Dell Vostro 1320 running Win XP32 SP3 with latest drivers.

The output of the audio card with IDT drivers is low (tried various drivers, original and modded).

I read that the default Microsoft drivers for Vista or Win 7 solve the problem.


Is it possible to use/modify Vista/Win 7 drivers to run on XP32?

If so - where can I get those?



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Is it possible to use/modify Vista/Win 7 drivers to run on XP32?

no qwer1304 it is NOT possible because Vista/Win7 uses a much different audio architecture than in XP. so, NO, the Vista/Win7 IDT HD Audio drivers and the built-in generic Vista/Win7 HD sound drivers will NOT work under WinXP.

You can, however, download and run the Dell R211990 package which bundles IDT 92HD8xx HD Audio drivers (v6.10.0.6147 for Vista; v5.10.0.6147 for XP). Run the package to extract the files and the setup program will automatically install IDT Audio drivers under the 32bit WinXP OS.

Also, you will need to update the Dell Vostro 1320 System BIOS to either version A07 or version A08 to fix certain audio problems with your Vostro 1320 laptop. Use Microsoft System Information tool [msinfo32.exe] or DirectX Diagnostic tool [dxdiag.exe] to check Dell Vostro 1320 BIOS version and if it is less than A07/A08, then you need to update the BIOS to the most recent versions.

hope these help your situation. and if the output is still low after doing ALL of the above, try turning the volume upward/louder.

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