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Resume from standby, backlight not working


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I've noticed lately with the old modded INF, that all drivers 195 and up had Backlight not always turning on (more often not) after a resume

This was not an issue with the 185+ drivers.

With new modded INFs and removal of all settings, the 195+ Backlight not coming back on after a resume was fixed.

Quite a few folks have issues with not being able to adjust the brightness on their LCD panels and need this setting to do so:

HKR,, EnableBrightnessControl, %REG_DWORD%, 1

It was in all the older drivers, so no issue for brightness control.

But this very same setting is causing the Backlight not turning back on from resume.

Should you have an issue similar to mine, what you can do is either remove the line all together or place a ';' infront of it.

; HKR,, EnableBrightnessControl, %REG_DWORD%, 1

Then reinstall driver, that setting will only take with reinstall.

Hope this helps, and quite good for me to actually keep using a modern 19x driver, where as before I would have to go back to a 188/189 driver not have the issue.

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