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Unable to install drivers for 8800m gtx on Dell XPS


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Hey. I came across this forum while trying to solve my issue with this card.

I have a Dell XPS M1730, and it contains two Nvidia 8800M GTX cards for use with SLI. However, I'm having some major problems when attempting to install drivers. I've attempted to use the newest one available 197.16, and older versions such as 195.81.

However, when installing from Nvidia's website, after updating one of the cards, and performing the necessary reboot, my screen will just be black before the login screen appears, and I can't do anything. This forces me to uninstall the driver again in order to be able to boot.

I also tried using drivers from this site, but upon installing, I only get an error-message stating that there are no drivers found for my system.

The problems started after I had to reinstall my system. I used Dell's drivers for the video card, and I was able to get it on to one of the cards, but the other one messed up my system if I attempted to activate it. However, the driver was from 2007, and I can't even play Warcraft3 on the lowest settings without being stuck with 5fps.

So I tried to update the drivers and enable SLI again, but that's where my above mentioned problems started.

Is there anyone here who has any advice for me? It would be greatly appreciated.

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