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After a pause tried 320.49 laptop beta driver. Not so bad  - but clearly loses to 311.12. Good on Cloud Gate.

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Oddly, 311.12 are the first Windows 8 drivers that display occasional flickering, akin to what I've observed on Windows 7 with all drivers newer than 304.79 (especially 306.97 onwards), which rendered them unusable for me. Currently still using 310.90 with little reason to complain, other than the seemingly low overclocking potential.


What really puzzles me though is how 311.12 isn't flawless on my system, given that it was made for the exact same OEM.

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Can you give 326.29 a try? Numbers were interesting on your GTX 680M but I'd like to see those drivers running on older hardware, also because they bring preliminary OpenGL 4.4 support.

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326.29 tried. Then 326.84 developer beta. No problems, performance about the same.

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