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Anybody have any information on the Nvidia Geforce 320m?


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Already posted one article a few days ago on this but got no replies/views. I got my HP dv7t about a week ago and have been looking for information on this card. nvidia offers nothing official, likewise HP is just as quiet. Why would they team up and release a card with no support?

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It's just another revision/rename of the 120M and 220M.

HP likely offers it in their notebook to keep costs way down but still be able to make it look like they have a current GPU in it.

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No benchmarks yet, but you can compare to 120M/220M benchmarks over here:


I benchmarked mine and it does fall close to the 220M in 3dMark05 and 3DMark06 benchmarks. I took screen captures of the GPU-z and GPU Caps sheets for you all here:






Pitty it only has DDR3 in the version HP dropped in the DV7T. Its a fair card, for the gaming i do (Sims 3, WoW, and some old-school stuff), but really this GPU in the DV7T-Quad is like putting a V8 engine into Mustang but then giving it the transmission of a Ford Fiesta.

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