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9500MGS heat issues


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Hi Guys,

Have only had this laptop for a little while. It use to be my dads. The laptop is an Asus M50SV with a T9300, and a 9500MGS. Haven't overclocked.

As I said, and as I sit here, the card is running in 2d mode idleing on the desktop with its clocks on:


Temp -- 72Degrees

When I play games, the core settings go up to:


Temp - 93-96Degrees

Which sounds absolutely absurd to me. My old HP with an 8600MGS maxed out at ~85. Taking the bottom plate off my laptop, it seems as though there is only 1 single heat pipe running through which links the GPU core and the CPU core together and then runs to one central fan. This doesn't sound like enough cooling to me.

What are your thoughts? It's always been like this as far as I know. The fan is clean. This persists past driver updates. I feel like if I persist in using the GPU @ these settings, I will be doing some serious damage.


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Especially the 2D temp is high - my laptops have been at 56 - 60. My Asus does 3D at about 94, which is high but I think it's typical for GTX 260M. There's something wrong with your cooling system. Put RivaTuner on to the background and try to check where the fan kicks in as the temperature begins to rise when playing. In my laptop the fan is mainly following the CPU temperature.

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