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Alienware m11x. Weird graphics problem.


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This was originaly from m11x related forum, so no need to check your laptop if you don't own m11x :) I'm just interested in some explanation, maybe some one know what that is? So:


Look at all screens in their full resolution. Zoom them until 100%, do not use “fit in screen” function, you won’t see what I’m talking about.

I know that we have “Troubleshooting Thread” but I can’t say that there are a lot of people answering, so I’m trying to get attention creating special one, about my problem.

First, let’s distinguish some things, we have 2 official hybrid drivers for our laptop, R253896.exe and NVIDIA_NOTEBOOK-BETA-DRIVER-_P03_R264266.exe. One was released in February, and another in April. And I’ve got driver from nvidia.com 197.16_notebook_winvista_win7_64bit_international_whql.exe (nvidia.com driver)


My problem is that I have some vertical lines in Nvidia mode. Here is a photo of my screen:


Think all is clear to you. If you want to test your one, here is a screenshot, look at the same spot as I made, dropbox logo.


So I see this lines on both official drivers. Even if I disable intel gpu in bios, I still see it. But, if I uninstall official driver, enable discrete gpu in bios, and install nvidia.com driver, all is perfect. Screen is clear.

Also, if I install latest official driver (dunno about feb one cause didn’t test it) and then install on top of it nvidia.com driver, laptop won’t ask me to reboot, but will fix the issue, there will be no lines in nvidia mode and intel/nvidia switch will be working. But after reboot intel driver dies and I have 800x600 resolution and so on.

If I unpack latest official driver, and override files in display folder with files from nvidia.com driver I still will have lines. I'm talking about this method - http://forum.notebookreview.com/showpost.php?p=6138260&postcount=40


But that’s not all. I also have some weird problem with Intel graphics. Here is a test image:


And that’s how it looks like on my laptop:


So on intel, there are some kind of dots. And on nvidia side all is clear, but lines :)

Dots are hardly noticeable, only is you look carefully and close to the screen. Lines are better visible, but also not disturbing. I’m just trying to understand all this.


So, please, can you check your intel graphics with this image


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