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INF v4.034


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This version is only for the updated Verde driver mentioned below.

This should enable everything there is to enable.

It makes all the available features that the Verde driver and Desktop driver combined have.

This will only work with the driver downloaded from here.

As this only has all the files needed.

If you want to try this INF you will also have to download the driver, possibly again if you downloaded it pre Verde update.

NVIDIA Verde/Desktop 257.15 32bit

NVIDIA Verde/Desktop 257.15 64bit

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I need PhysX for some of the things I do, and no driver has supported it since the 196 series. I tried the 257.15 driver from nvidia's site -- the laptop version does not have OpenCL or PhysX, but modding the inf myself for the desktop version enables OpenCL but not PhysX. I'm a bit skeptical, but if your tweaks actually enable PhysX on my card then I will donate to the site. I will try when I get home from work and see if it works.

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You did it again! Now my external screen works, so does the Control Panel. Now 257.15 is worth trying - I got benchmarks similar to 197.85 or a little slower.

...well, perhaps too early, I get Control Panel lockups requiring forced shutdown.

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