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ASUS G1S permanent FSB hack for AMI bios to OC CPU?

Guest cash

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Guest cash

i have been using setfsb to oveclock my cpu from 2.2 to 2.8 on the asus G1s for over a year. I would like to permanently hack the FSB in the AMI bios to lock it to my settings so i don't have to use setfsb anymore.

i am familiar with ami tools and used it to overclock the GPU with nibitor, but i have not seen any way to do the same to the CPU

Has anyone done this or has any knowledge of how to do this in hex editor, please share your info

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Guest cash

ok i did some research, these are a few different possibilities to do this hack

1) find a way to enable fsb oc in the bios (unlikely, i didn't find any hidden/unchecked options in the bios)

2) use a "pci option" to upload a custom oc patch into bios, and have it activate after boot up(seems like even if the patch gets loaded it will be canceled during bootup checks)

3) hack the microcode for the t7500 and change the FSB that is normally uses to a custom one - this is the most likely and most dangerous option, best strategy is to compare different microcodes assembly in hex and find what changes FSB

my knowledge of assembly/disassembly is very small, if you have good knowledge of core 2 microcodes please post in this thread, intel microcodes for linux kernel loading are available on the intel web page

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