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Successful 8600M GS 512MB in AW 5550i-R3

Guest OxycontinBullet

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Guest OxycontinBullet

I had to make sure I had good transfer goop on new card. Then do a fresh install of win7 64bit.Last download driver Nvidia_gfgo_167.62-vista64 from

www.x-drivers.ru and last use bios 2.06. You should have no problems at all and you will have the Nvisia controlpanel too. No modifying or forcing anything.

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I want to upgrade my AW 5550, did this card have the Acer BIOS?

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Hi 8600mgt 512 is a most powerfull option for this notebook i have used this 2years and actualy i use a 9600mgt ddr3 in this laptop works fine

and is the powerfullst card in this notebook.

Best option for a gamer!!! only problem with 9600mgt is the 30 sec. start issue! for me iss this not a problem i cant live with it.



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