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Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 beta coming in July


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Saw this over at ZDNet's 'All about Microsoft'

Microsoft officials shared some initial info on SP1 a couple months ago. They said on the client there will be no new features, just bug fixes and security updates rolled up into a single deliverable. On the server side, however, there will be two new features added to SP1: A new graphics acceleration platform, known as RemoteFX, and an add-on to Hyper-V.RemoteFX is based on desktop-remoting technology that Microsoft obtained in 2008 when it acquired Calista Technologies. The new addition to Hyper-V that will dynamically adjust memory of a guest virtual machine on demand.

I'm actually quite happy with Windows 7, I remember plainly looking forward to SP1 for Vista to fix a heap of small issues but this time round, everything (for me) seems to be doing OK.

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It will be interesting to see if they add anything new thats worthwhile in SP1, i've not had any issues with 7 so far so aside from being a handy way to re-install lots of updates without downloading for hours on a clean build its not exactly very interesting. I suppose thats why theyve focused more on the Server 2008 changes.

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I have had a pretty good experience with Windows 7 as well. The only problem that I hope they fix with SP1 is that Windows sometimes forgets my laptop has backlight brightness control when resuming from suspend.

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