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Wich driver branch for laptop FPS lovers ?


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Hello everyone !

I've been around for a while using Dox's drivers and latest Nvidia drivers from this site and been happy about it. But honestly never been able to figure out the point of choosing between 18x 19x and 25x branches. I use my laptop gaming, it is connected to a 1080p display using a DVI>HDMI cable. I always use the same settings no matter what game I play. First i set up the driver to performance mode (manually, because the slider button forgets about some features to turn off). Then I set up games to run with the lowest graphical setup possible, but always with a 720p resolution. I even turn off the GPU scaling feature and use the display built-in upscaling chip (it's a TV) in order to make the GPU happy.

This allows me to play some decent recent games although my computer is a laptop from july 2008 ...

My point now is to know wich branch of drivers to use as I want to get the most FPS out of that little piece of crap Macbook Pro. All that matters is FPS, nothing else. I want a smooooooth experience, I don't care about the graphics, I was born in the early 80's and gamed on such platforms as you know there were out there, so... me like pixels !

Any clues folks ?

Should I go with Dox's 18x? Dox's 19x ? 18x, 19x or 25x ?

Thanks in advance ...

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most of us if not all will say just try different drivers and see which 1 gives you the fps you are looking for.

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