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xps m1730 locking up at 100% cpu processing after recent update.


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Hi there, my pc specs are as follows:

Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit

xps m1730 with nvidia geforce 2 * 8700m GT (SLI)

GPU Bios Version : 60.84.6A.00.06 and 60.84.6A.00.07

Recently, i updated my driver version to the 257.21 international WHQL version. Upon rebooting my pc, after installing the driver, i started up a game (Aion) and as soon as the screen loaded, my CPU went straight up to 100% processing power and stayed there. I forced the process to end but the cpu usage stayed at 100%. Nothing in task manager showed a total addition of 100%. The few processses that were running were only using bare minimum processing %. The fans on the laptop also started spinning at max speed and would not stop. Only a reboot stopped them from spinning at max speed. I tried running a different game (mass effect 2), but once again the same thing happened. Upon game load, cpu locks up at 100% processing speed and wont stop. Fans go on max speed too. There is no virus on the computer, have scanned for virus and spyware.

I figured i would downgrade the driver to the one that i was using be4 this, 186.03, but unfortunately, that did not help at all. Right now, my pc is being weird and i am unable to run any graphic intensive application. I have tried the 186.81, 195.62 and 197.61 drivers on the nvidia site, but to no avail. All drivers were thoroughly removed be4 a new one was installed (via the safe mode uninstall + clean registry etc) CPU keeps locking up.

Please help.

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