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need driver for my 8800m gtx aw


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Can I ask what you look at or modify in the INF specific to Switchable/Hybrid grpaphics, and particularly in reference to the m15x Alienware laptop?

From my limited understanding it would seem that a modification of the INF would allow installation of newer drivers but not their operation. Indeed the base/original NVIDIA 258.96 drivers install without a modified INF.

An INF is an install information file. It tells windows where, how, and with what settings to install the drivers. The "with what settings" is very important in the case of specialized configurations like the m15x. The reason for this is because Nvidia uses an unified driver architecture (UDA). The use of an UDA means the drivers for the most part should work with all notebooks assuming the proper code is in the drivers. If the code is in the drivers then it is just a matter of using the correct settings in the INF to properly activate the features you need.

The 8800M GTX in the m15x is not that old so I do not see any reason that the code would have been removed from the drivers. (Usually this is only the case for extremely old GPUs that really no one should be using still.)

Hope this all makes sense.

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hey nautis, thanks again or your continued support in helping us fix the driver downclocks we all are experiencing in our m15x. unfortunately nothing seems to work in terms of running the newer drivers with the 8800m gtx. with the powermizer manager it wont apply due to some registry entries not being found or available. ill try to get a copy of it when i get home later tonight.

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Not so far jenjer not too much new info. :) Between your clocking issues and bluescreens with newer drivers on newer os' the m15x does seems to have some issues. I am waiting on the 260 series to be officially released in hopes that it improves upon some things.

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Please fix this hybrid-driver problem.. I and many other m15x users wish a relative new and working driver for the 8800M GTX, that would be so awesome.

I hope you will get it!

greetings from Austria (:

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You either HAVE to stay with 32bit windows and their age old drivers or 64bit without any support and/or drivers by alienware (hence no whql) ..

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