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Why is DXVA such a problem?

Guest hardi

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I've been using Dox's 185.85 release for a long time, as it's stable for me, performance is ok and H.264 acceleration is working like a charm with mpc-hc and the internal decoder.

Now I installed PES (Pro Evolution Soccer 2010), which should (in theory) run fine on my 8600M. Unfortunately, the game doesn't run smooth at all and I learned that nvidia optimized drivers for this game from version 195.62 as far as I remember. I tried that version (from the nvidia website), and the PES perfomance increased as expected, but DXVA wasn't working anymore. Dox' 195.62 didn't install correctly, so I gave up after a couple of tries.

I then tried the newest nvidia WHQL Release (258.96), and for this one PES performance was worse again and DXVA was still not working.

So I wonder what drivers do support DXVA playback and how I can tell if the driver will allow dxva playback with my hardware or not, without installing and testing every release? What is the difference between dxva-enabled and dxvadisabled drivers? Is it an INF-setting or a compatibility issue or something completely different?

My System (though irrelevant to the question).

Asus 5920g

4 GB Ram

Win 7 x86

8600m GS

C2 Duo 1.83 Ghz

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