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G105M overclocking using EVGA Precision


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I've been trying to overclock this GPU in my laptop since the time I got the laptop with no luck. Today I had just a tiny bit of luck and got it to 680MHz core, 1563MHz shader, and 1066MHz on the memory. That worked for about 10 minutes until the game I was playing locked up and the clocks reverted to the stock ones. Now it won't overclock anymore. Any idea what happened? Drivers are Forceware 197.16.

Edit: Never mind, I found a driver version that works with it. It's overclockable again and I have it stable at 665mhz core, 1530mhz shader, and 955mhz for the memory.

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Guest Lockon Stratos

I have overclocked my notebook graphic card, it stuck for a long2 time and i'm using EVGA Precision 2.0.0. I overclocked my graphic card and it went well but for a few minutes it returned 2 normal. Teach me how to overcome this problem.

My normal Core Clock: 640MHz, Shader Clock: 1600MHz, Memory Clock: 500MHz

Graphic card that i'm using is NVidia GeForce G105M 512MB with CUDA.

Can you teach me how to overcome this problem? Thanks!

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Guest slurpy

try to increasing it 10 by 10,,,like core clock from 640 to 650,,,the shader will follow the core,,so, you dont have to increase it anymore,,,after that increase the memory from 500 to 510,,,do not apply to window startup after you get the best overclocking,,,

nvidia g105m 512mb

my normal core clock:640mhz, shader clock 1600mhz, memory clock:500mhz

best overclocking for me:core clock:730mhz, shader 1825, memory clock, 590mhz

im not increasing it very high to reduce the heat of my gpu,,i combine it with game accelerator and game gain,got better game experience

prototype 25 fps

crysis 2 25fps

dead space 2 45fps

nfs undercover 50 fps

nfs hot pursuit 20fps

sorry for my suck grammer,,my language is not english, :D

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