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NVIDIA Quadro 259.57 released

Guest Stefan

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ManuelG mentions "final drivers" here.

Meanwhile you can spend your time with 259.57 Quadro

Quadro WinXP 32bit

SDI Winxp 32bit

Quadtro WinXP 64bit

SDI WinXP 64bit

SDI Windows 7 / Vista 32bit

Quadro Windows 7 / Vista 32bit

SDI Windows 7 / Vista 64bit

Quadro Windows 7 / Vista 64bit

or maybe Toshiba 192.26

Also NVIDIA Inspector 1.92 available


New in Release 259.57:

* Support for newly announced Quadro 6000, Quadro 5000 and Quadro 4000.

* Adds support for CUDA 3.1 for improved performance in GPU Computing applications. See www.nvidia.com/cuda for more details.

* Adds support for OpenGL 4.0

* Adds support for DirectX 11

* ECC State

o New page for GPUs that support ECC (error correction code). The page lets you

+ Change the Error Correction Code (ECC) state for GPUs.

+ View GPU memory details.

* EDID Management

o Accessible from the View System Topology page, this feature lets you:

+ View the connector information

+ Get an EDID from a connected display and save it to disk

+ Force an EDID at a connector

+ Remove a forced EDID from a connector

* The SDI Capture page is now available with Windows Vista and Windows 7 drivers.

* Workstation application compatibility fixes. Please read the release notes for more information on product support, feature limitations, driver fixes and known compatibility issues.

* If you would like to be notified of upcoming drivers for Windows, please subscribe to the newsletter.

Existing Support:

* Support for the Open Computing Language (OpenCL) 1.0 in Quadro FX Series x700 and newer as well as the FX4600 and FX5600.

* Supports NVIDIA SLI technology (two-way SLI) for DirectX 9, DirectX 10, and OpenGL on SLI-certified Intel X58-based motherboard based system from select OEMs.

* Support for DDC-Ci/MCCS over the DisplayPort AUX channel.

* 10-bits per color (10bpc) DisplayPort support for full-screen applications on supported products.

* Users without US English operating systems can select their language and download the International driver here.

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Guest Minotaur

These feel wicked in BFBC2 now! On my single 8800GTX GPU usage is up, all is smoother too! :) Doesn't look as colorful, but is prob because they are Quadro drivers (nvidia wouldn't be sneaking in a +5% DV for consumer drivers just to make them look better would they? umm) Anyway, these shall be installed for a while I think :)

Had to mod my own .inf, the above didn't inc the 8800GTX :| Is easy to do, just follow the stickied instructions and grab a modded .inf from previous drivers, to copy the info over from. :P

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