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AR9285 WPA authentification/connection problem


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My brother purchased an Asus X70IC Win7 64bit laptop. It comes with an Atheros AR9285 mini PCI-E WLAN device called NE785.

Most of the time the wlan card cannot connect to our Wifi. Here some details:

- Router: T-Sinus 154 basic se, 802.11g, WPA-PSK, TKIP, no hidden SSID with no special chars, 63 ASCII key, MAC filtering, Draft-n/WPA2/AES or above not supported

- Tried out modded and not modded 2.x, 8.x, 9.x 64bit drivers from this homepage, acutal driver: modded because it is the version Asus recommands in not modified version

- Tested with static and dynamic IP - no difference

- Network is recognized and shown as strong 70% and more

- Connection seems to fail during authentification process. The log of Windows 7 problem assistent for network connections reports it was not able to exchange multicast key. Unicast key has been exchanged. I do not know what this means. But if there is a parameter for it in registry I could change it if someone tells me new value

- Sometimes connection can be established at startup. Most of the time it needs 15-30 restarts to establish connection. Disabling/enabling card by key or device manager is not enough.

- Sometimes connection established automatically after X minutes/hours showing the sun symbol till connection established

- Sometimes it needs to reboot the router, change ip of wlan cards. It looks like the router blocks atheros wlan card because of sending/asking "wrong" information/values

- Disabled setting OS can turn off device for power saving

- Had never success connect to the (seen) Network on battery power

- It seems driver needs to be throtted to bg only, because a connection could never be establish at auto setting

- If a connection has been established, it is rock solid for hours. No lags while surfing, downloading files

- Using another WLAN USB stick with the notebook fixes problem at once

- Other WLAN devices with Intel/Broadcom/Realtek chipsets running under XP32bit, Windows 7 32bit and 64bit have no problems establishing a WLAN connection

- It is not the first time having problems with the router and atheros base wlan devices. I bought an atheros based USB wlan stick a few years ago and had to exchange it because of the same reason running under XP.

I would be happy for any advice. Maybe it is just a driver setting to be changed. I attached some more information from registry/log and the drivers' actual inf file used.





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