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Overlocking Nvidia 8600M GT 256 Mb


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Hello, who can tell what is the best overlocking of this video card: Nvidia 8600M GT 256 Mb ?

Thank you

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Thanks for reply, but tell me my video card isnt 8800 GT so the clock speed is different in his card speeds are:

I happen to know the limits of my 8800GTS 640MB, and I know that it can comfortably handle a core speed of 580mhz, a shader clock of 1400mhz, and a memory speed of 850mhz (1700mhz ddr). So next to "3D" I am going to change the speeds accordingly:

But what is the speed of my card ? Maybe do i need my cards ID ? or something ?

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when u make a backup of the bios and open it up in nbitor. It will tell you your current clock speeds. These are my 3d clock speeds, core 570, shader 1450, and memory 410. the default core 475, shader 950, memory 400. My memory is set to this b/c it is ddr2 card

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