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Asus G1 NVidia Go 7700 Drivers


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Hi 4 all

Sorry my questions but im newbie in this kind of stuff :)

I have a Asus G1 with a NVidia Go 7700, i have installed Windows 7 with the drivers that came with the laptop, that are very old.

I wonder if there is a way to make an update, I can not find the drivers on the site for its model !?

Also do not know if I can improve performance of my grafic !?

Someone has tested the update for this model ?

Best Regards


(sorry my english)

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Guest JMV2009

I use the nvidia desktop drivers on your type of laptop, downloaded from NVIDIA, now running 260.99

I modify NV_DISP.INF :

%NVIDIA_DEV.0395.01% = Section001, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0397

and run setup again.

Note the 0397 instead of 0395.

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Hi JMV2009

I search from NVIDIA site the last release 179.48 BETA !?

You said 260.99 !?

Please can You can help this poor newbie

NVIDIA GeForce GO 7700


Best Regards

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Reading the FAQs of this site might help...




is a pretty recent driver, the modified inf includes go7700.

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Other drivers for asus G1:

CMOS_Camera_D-MAX_VT_080819.zip from asus support -> notebooks -> drivers -> webcam -> 32BIT (also for 64 bit windows!)-> V6.10.XXX drivers

I use the latest V6.10.204.1 CMOS_Camera_D-MAX_VT_080819.zip, but this one sometimes has camera flipped (probably fixable with .inf mofication)

Ricoh memorystick with INTERNET EXPLORER:


latest version:



If your system freezes on lid open (like mine), change driver of lid in device manager to "volume manager"

Latest realtek audio & ethernet from www.realtek.com

Latest wifi from www.intel.com

Good luck

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