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Having problems running Battlefield Bad Company 2?


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I bought Battlefield Bad Company 2 about three weeks ago, I run it everything on low including resolution and found out the hard way my Laptop will not run it smoothly, not even inside buildings which was a real let down for me, then I started having lag issues and decided to Google it for troubleshooting and found this:


This tool will allow you to turn off the Bloom Effect on BFBC2, once you do that the FPS boost is massive! I went from 15-25 FPS to 40FPS-50FPS +/- [still on low] which makes it much more playable now. I've uploaded it to Rapidshare so you can download it instead of waiting at Fileplanet which is bothersome IMO, here you go:


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Rapidshare is no better of a file host. Try a site that doesn't remove and make you wait for files. Megaupload, Solidfiles etc.

Nice find though. I can imagine the game looking less appealing with no bloom. I love bloom personally. The again there's no way that game would work on my GPU regardless of bloom or not.

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