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hybrid drivers for lenovo V360 ideapad?


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hi im new here and i just got a lenovo ideapad v360 laptop that comes with nvidia 305m and intelHD graphics card built in.

ive been trying high and low to get the latest nvidia driver to succesfully install onto the laptop but it just doesn't work. The ones from lenovo are quite outdated (seems to go way back to may) and i need to find a way to update the drivers.

Am i having a optimus capable card? When i log into windows 7, I can switch between nvidia or intel through the flip of a switch. The problem started happening when i tried updating nvidia drivers through nvidia website, and it somehow loses its ability to switch between intel or nvidia graphics card.

there used to be an additional icon on lower right of the windows taskbar, something like green arrows.

I was trying to figure out who was controlling that icon, after much trial and error, it seems that that arrow icon is from nvidia. HAVE they stopped supporting hybrid drivers?

One thing i noticed :

If i install the latest Intel HD drivers and then later install lenovo's nvidia driver, I can retain the switching functionality.

However, regardless of what steps i tried, I cannot update nvidia's driver without sacrificing the switching functionality.

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I haven't been here in a long time. I came back because I just got a Lenovo Idealpad y570 and trying to see if I can flash the BIOS in my graphics card. I'm pretty sure I can help with your problem though.

Every time I build a new computer, or get a new laptop, I reformat. I download all the drivers from the sites and install them fresh. For your issue you need to get the Intel Graphics Drivers from Lenovo's site (they might be available on Intel as well, but for 2D applications I don't really care about latest and greatest). Once you have those installed you can go to nVidia's site and download the new GeForce drivers from there. Choose your OS, GPU Generation, and model (make sure you choose the "M" version since it's a notebook). Should be able to install no problem, it just needs the Intel one installed first.

EDIT: Sorry, I might be wrong. I just ran Vantage on my system and got a really bad score. For some reason it's not switching over to the GeForce card for 3D. It's weird because this is how I installed it on a Gateway with Optimus and a GT 330M

EDIT 2: I just remembered the little switch at the bottom of mine. Front of the notebook, right hand side. Not sure if your's will have it or not but when I pushed the switch I could get access to the Optimus settings where desktop and stuff would run on the Intel graphics, and 3D would turn on the GeForce card.

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