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Toshiba Qosmio x300

Guest Fluffywolf

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Guest Fluffywolf


My specs:

I have a Toshiba Qosmio X300 (-112 dutch model) with the geforce 9800m GTX and upgraded the laptop to 8gb ddr.

My issue:

Using the Toshiba display drivers, which are very dated I have issues with recent games.

For example in Divinity 2: Eco Dragonis many models and props are transparant ingame. (I tried everything suggested on the game forum that might help the issue. Running as administrator, setting compatibility to desktop composition disable thingy, nothing works.)

So I upgraded to the new mobile nv drivers (260.99) and the issue was solved. But now I experience crashes, tried many different settings, all low, all high, doesn't matter. Sometime in the game my laptop locks up, my sound hangs up and I have to restart laptop.

I then tried another nv earlier driver, 18x something. Same issue, it solves the graphic issues, but now it keeps locking up.

Is there any way I can get the NV drivers to work so I don't experience crashes? Or is it time for me to buy another laptop? :)

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Guest Fluffywolf

Ugh, I tried several more drivers. Same story with each one. I eventually gave up and placed an order on a new dell alienware laptop that should solve all my problems for some time to come.

If anyone does have an idea I'm still interested though. I'm selling this laptop to my brother, if there's a solution he might still benefit from it. :)

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