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Apple Ditching Nvidia to Pair With AMD Instead?


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Seeing no one has posted here, Apple could be ditching NVIDIA for our sworn enemy :)

Radeons could be inside the next MacBook Pros.

Right now Apple's main graphics dancing partner for its MacBooks is Nvidia, which does the pixel pushing for the entire line. While the 13-inch models operate with an MCP, the 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro line gets discrete Nvidia switchable graphics that are called into use when the integrated Intel HD graphics aren't enough.

The word on the street now, Cnet reports, is that Apple could be dumping Nvidia in favor of going with Intel's integrated graphics. The next-generation of integrated graphics that'll be a part of Sandy Bridge CPUs is expected to be far more capable than Intel's current offerings.

Intel hasn't said yet when it plans to support the OpenCL that Apple requires, but it goes without saying that the MacBooks of 2011 should have Sandy Bridge CPUs. The high-end real "pro" MacBook Pro machines will still need discrete graphics, and Cnet believes that the 15- and 17-inch models could go with AMD graphics parts.

With AMD already pushing the graphics with its Radeon HD products in the iMacs, it's plausible that the agreement could extend into the mobile space.

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Seeing no one has posted here, Apple could be ditching NVIDIA for our sworn enemy :)

Don't worry about it, not saying it's not a possibility but I think it's unlikely they will go that route, the legal battle between Intel and Nvidia has already come to a resolution and Apple will take advantage of that and execute the new line they originally had planned for the refresh, I think they'd run into another battle if they started embedding AMD gpu's on Intel boards and I don't see them trying to drop that in Intel right when they're having their great partnership with them on Lightpeak development.

Just my opinion since we never know for sure what crazy execs will do in the long run. :)

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