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Geforce 9500 gs + Geforce Fx 5200

Guest Night

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Hi, first of all, good site! Ive purchased a geforce fx5200 for my 3th monitor. Lots of problem for trying to install it (i see lot of people here has the same problem). Lots of try and finally with the 171.12 pack, its working as second monitor (my 2 other was on my geforce 9500gs) but when the FX is activated, the geforce 9500gs is weird and the second monitor on it dont work. If i desactivate the FX, my geforce 9500gs come back to its original setting and all work fine. Any way to tweak this for having the 2 main monitor on my geforce 9500gs with original setting and add a third monitor on the fx card?


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i don't think you can have two different chipsets running on the same computer, for example you can have a regular geforce 9500gs paired with another one even with it coming from a different manufacturer but you can't pair it with a different chipset for example your fx5200 hence why it works if you disable it.

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same problem... but the official fx5200 driver does not suport windows 7 and now i need to find an other one that does....

Read here about Fx 5xxx drivers: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/topic/7755-larrys-infs-for-dell-51505160/

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