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new TOSHiBA driver v46.34 available


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dl here

amazing that they release a 46 (!) series while the whole world (we :) ) waits on 56.54. Maybe TS did a VERY good job developing the 46 driver, because it's meant to be for the super duper expensive TECRA models with FX 5200GO GPUs.

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The nvts.inf file says it's really 46.34.

I never realized everyone was so anxious about the 56.54...

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I hate to be a Toshiba owner with the dreaded offcentre screen.

And drivers come and go but no relief.

Waiting and hopeing.

I have a feeling that 56.54 might not fix the problem.

As 56.55+ would also have the fixes in them.

But I could be wrong, nVidia might just make a 1 off driver for Laptops.

This is just like the Samsung UXGA problem, not a very high priority for either nVidia or Toshiba or Dell

Although with Forums like these pointing out problems :) , toshiba resell numbers are dropping.

I for certain wouldn't buy a Toshiba with the knowlegde that the screen will be wonky with any other driver than the original.

Beware the Ides of March (the 1st), as drivers will fall from the sky to smother all laptop and desktop kind.

Over and out,

Pieter. :ph34r:

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I'd love to see an up-to-date driver from Toshiba so we can see if they're doing something tricky with their INFs or are using a special driver.

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This drivers has also been conquered, it's ready for all to try.

In usual place with 7-zipped driver as well.


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