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Geforce Go 7600 GT not functioning


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Okay so my computer has been working just fine lately. I was running the 32-bit 265.66 drivers without issue for a few weeks. Just came home and turned my monitor (native 1920x1200) on and it was in a 1024x768 4:3 mode. I opened the nvidia control panel to change resolution and it wouldn't work. Windows 7 Pro says I am working in multiple monitor mode...even though I don't have multiple screens, or ever use that function. I couldn't seem to get it to a single display mode or to change resolution.

So I downloaded the 266.35 drivers, did the modified inf driver thing (I've been doing this for 2 years now) and opted for the clean install. After it removes the old drivers it comes up with an error and say it can't install the graphics driver. I reboot my computer. Now I tried to go into the device manager and tried to uninstall both generic pnp displays it had installed. It worked and I restarted. Now I am in a low-res 16:9 screen mode.

I try to reinstall new drivers and it says no compatible hardware found. Head over to device manage, and there in Video Card or display adapeter installed. there is a pnp device named other with an exclamation point. I click on update driver. It does to "Standard VGA Adapter." I restart, and using update driver in device manager on it, install a few months old 7600 GT driver that was probably used prior. Restart again. Go to install the new drivers...and it still says no compatible hardware found. What gives? Is my card fried? I have NEVER overclocked and rarely even run games. I just watch Blu-rays and such on my laptop. Any help?

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