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Hello LV2G support,

My name is Pjotr and i have problems with my laptop for quite some time now.

Also i'd like to say thanks for all the effort you put into this, your helping a lot of people that (including me) don't get the support they should get from their manufacturers.

Notebook specifics:

System Manufacturer: MiTAC

Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU T9600 @ 2.80GHz 2.80GHz

Hybrid SLI:GeForce 9100M G and GeForce 9600M GS (current driver version 197.45)

4,00 GB (RAM)

Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit Operating System)

18,4" Widescreen

I can't update my drivers because the newer Nvidia drivers do not support my Hybrid SLI GPU. As soon as i install the newest driver (266.58) my Hybrid icon in the taskbar dissapears and my screen freezes forcing me to restart. When i get to my logon screen from Windows and i log in, It freezes again, it does continue processing. I can hear sound of skype and other programms running it's just that my GPU crashes. I have tried loads of drivers that come after 197.45 but none of them seem to work. Are there any drivers or different solutions which will allow me to upgrade my drivers for i am not able to play any games because my drivers are out-dated.

I also tried to follow an SLI Guide from stoner825 with no succes, I also read the article about what everybody should know about SLI.

Kind regards,

Pjotr Mengedé



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Also for some reason GPU-Z shows that My SLI = Disabled

and there is no bios version.

Could somebody help me, even if it's just an anwser about if it's even possible or not to find drivers or fix my problem.

If not i will buy a new laptop because im tearing my hair out! :)

Thanks again!

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