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In the last few weeks, we've been hounded with spammers.

This wastes our precious time when we could be doing other stuff.

So as of now, begrudgingly Guests can no longer start posts.

Most of our naughty spammers are stating posts so we'll start here.

If the replying to posts from guests gets a hammering from spammers then this may need to stop as well.

Looks like the captcha has been gotten around, and it's open warfare on all sorts of rubbish.

All you need to do is register and all will be well, for support.

Guests can still look and reply to all posts, download Drivers and INFs etc.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused, but we were one of the last bastions of Guest posting in a forum.

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good job. i was getting sick of those viagra-Adds. have a good day.

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actually there has also been spam bots everywhere on some IPB and MyBB boards since early January, so laptopvideo2go is not the only victim of these attacks...

captcha is not sufficient since they managed to bypass it. you should set up a validation email system and also upgrade IPB or whatever board system you are using.

[edit] : seems like validation email is not sufficient either, guess you'll have to set up some kind of questions system during the registration process...

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