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I thought this would be in the news but..

Before you say anything I think that maintenance yesterday fixed it. Just was wondering a few things.

1) Somehow someone got access to the source/file space of the website (maybe) and changed something to put malicious software on to the website. This has not been the first time this has happened so why is this website so venerable?

2) Is our personal information secure when things like this happen?

I was going to upload this picture when it happened to me but it went under maintenance only 20 minutes after. So I took the picture so I might as well post it.



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i got that too, but if its something that pops up when i suspect its a virus i do not click anything and i close firefox.

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I did not click anything. I simply viewed the page then I got the java exploits. It was totally unexpected for me. I was just checking the forums and boom.

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I got this too a couple days ago, to install missing plugins and the site went down after that

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What a nightmare the last few days have been.

Malicious Malware managed to get through our arsenal of defenses and inserted links to a Malware site.

This has been sorted, it was a very sneaky bug that spread all over the place to replicate its self.

The blog seems to be point of entry, I'm thinking about removing this and close that hole.

There were no actual bugs to be caught from LV2go, the Malware would link to it's own website and if you did foolish things there then no doubt bug city on your computer.

All your info is also safe as there was no virus as such just a link to a malicious site.

I'm just really annoyed that we take so much care and still something finds a tiny hole and wastes so much of our time.

Never mind, we're not the first or the last website to get stung, luckily all is well with the website contents and we can continue to do what we do best.

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Glad to hear everything is ok and safe now. Good work of getting the website back up so soon. :)

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